Double+ Room at Romerike

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Double+ Room at Romerike

Start From217.00 / Room
Max2 persons
More space
Shared bathroom
Shared kitchen
Free Wifi
Common rooms

Prices for this room are as following:

Monthly – 6.500,- // Weekly – 2.750,- // Daily – 650,-

Prices are ex. 12% VAT.
The price will be calculated in terms of the length of the stay.
Minimum invoiced amount is three (3) days rent.

We also sell complete set of bedclothes including:
Bed set: bed sheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillow and pillowcase – price per set is 400,- ex. 25% VAT.
For extra pillow and pillowcase – price per set is 160,- ex. 25% VAT.
Pillow & duvet – price per set is 200,- ex. 25% VAT.
Cleaning per room – price 300,- ex. 25% VAT.